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Zhaf Broadcasting System
OMB Exciter/Transmitters
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 EM 20/30

  • External sinthetized
  • 0 to 30W adjustable
  • Direct and reflected power meter
  • LEDs modulation indicator
  • Stereo,mono,2 SCA inputs
  • Excellent price /Quality
  • FCC and CCIR accepted

The OMB-EM-20/30 FM Exciter for the 87.5 - 108 MHz band, is a PLL direct frequency modulated, which provides exceptionally clean audio sound quality and RF purity. Externally programmable frequency (in 10 KHz steps) on the front panel, analog front panel meter, which reads forward and reflected power in watts, LED display for modulation width. Built in automatic shutdown circuit (A.S.C.) as a protection against excessive SWR and/or temperature. Low pass filter and adjustable output power from 0 to 30 watts.


Augusta 2000,  30W digital exciter (True direct digital synthesis)

The cristal clear sound

 CD quality

  • CD quality
  • 0-30W adjustable
  • True direct digital synthesis (DDS)
  • Analog and digital use
  • Easy use
  • 2 Rack space high
  • LCD Display
  • Stereo, Mono and 2 SCA inputs

The Augusta 2000 is a fully digital exciter with DDS technique, designed to be a dependable equipment a very low cost to reach a superior quality in broadcast facilities. This equipment is the first in the market with true Direct Digital Synthesis, without IF frequencies as in typical digital exciters. A digital signal processor (DSP) core generates the FM processing job of a direct digital synthesizer (DDS). The base set offers the basic funcionalityof a digital Exciter including a powerful 15 KHz low pass filter, MPX/Mono inputs, and a simple stereo generator without extra functions to reduce the final cost of the product. Simple and non expensive expansion board(optional) will include the most professional solutions for users who need them:AES / EBU, RDS, Professional stereo generator, etc. A micro-controller monitorizes countinously the state of the exciter at the FM generation and RF power stages, including the telemetry(RS 232) service , and user interface through and LCD Display and keyboard on the front panel.

EM 1000 SE


The excellent cooling system by high efficiency heat sink, allows working altitude up to 4000 mtrs. (13.000 feet). In conjunction with the toughness of the low voltage power supply, without dangerous voltages accepting variations from 180 to 240 VAC, a divider / combiner using a Wilkinson Coupling System between modules that allows to work without interruptions with 4, 3, 2 or 1 D.A. modules easy to replace in few minutes, constitute a authentic Spartan equipment.   Rack included

  • 0-1000 W adjustable
  • Broadband
  • 30 W exciter included
  • Complete alarm system(micro-processor)
  • Easy access to its components
  • Low pass filter built in
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Spike supressor

EM 25000 V

The OMB model EM 25000 V FM transmitter has a single tube (TH315), it works with a 1 kW driver, solid state, model EM 1000 SE. It counts with a servo-motorized cavity, air cooled with a powerful fan, front instrument meter panel, alarm system, and easy access to its components for proper maintenance.

  • 0-25000 W Adjustable
  • Servo-motorized
  • Oversized construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low pass filter built in(up to 30 KW)
  • Alarm System
  • Complete instrument panel

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